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The Basics - Essex Based Wedding Photographers and Filmmakers.


When planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions is your guest list.  This is why it is crucial you know a bit more about your photographers to ensure they are the type of guests you want at your wedding.

Breast Feeding Twin Photoshoot


Some of the main qualities you need in a photographer are: calm, organised, creative, authoritative, professional, friendly, likeable, funny. 

Now, I (Star) may not always be all of those things (some may use the adjective chaotic), and Anton may not be a comedian, however, as a duo we are the complete package. 

We are a couple which means the way we work together is unique to us.

There is a sense of competition between us as we constantly strive to capture the best possible image. We can communicate without even speaking and can usually guess the other's next move. Don't worry we are a completely normal couple too, we bicker over dirty socks and stealing each others snacks and the thought of PDA makes us cringe.

Our story is a good one, we met when we both taught in the same school (yes, we do have a fantastic teacher voice to keep your guests in order) and eventually we became a couple. We started A* Photography alongside our day jobs specialising in portraits and wedding photography. In 2021 we welcomed our beautiful twin girls and decided to make A* Photography and Film our full-time occupation. 

The business began as just wedding photography and over the last few years we have expanded into wedding films too. We work more hours than we have ever worked before all whilst trying to raise two feral beasts... Toddlers... I mean toddlers. Don't let the fact we are parents put your off, the fact that we are parents mean we put even more into our work than we ever have. A* Photography & Film isn't just for us but for our family.



Lead Photographer


I started photography when I was 16 years old and started shooting weddings that same year, it was my first taste of photography and I loved it. 

My life took a different path and I started teaching at a secondary school. 

After meeting Anton I re-discovered my artistic side and started photographing friends and family. Over time my ambition to do photography overpowered my love of teaching and the opportunity to spend more time with the twins was enough to convince me to take the risk and make wedding photography our full-time career. 

Twin Mum, Cat Lover, Watches trash TV, teaches performing arts voluntarily and will definitely be found near the cakes. 



Lead videographer


Believe it or not, I originally dropped photography way back when whilst taking my A levels -I was more into MMA fighting than studying.

I began boxing from a young age and after a short stint training in the Royal Marine Commandos, and after too many injuries to count, at the age of 31, I now coach bright up-and-coming prospects at St Osyth Boxing Club. 

I'm a naturally practical person, so when it comes to film and photography, I take the same approach as I did with boxing: I watch the very best in the game and try to emulate them as much as I possibly can -only then do I let my creative side shine to make my own style.

The very little free-time I have leftover is mostly spent being my normally silly self with my twin daughters- whilst winding Star up as much as I can, of course!

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Star Wood

Lead Photographer. Videographer.

Star Wood, Wedding Videographer, Photographer

Anton Baldock

Lead Videographer. Photographer. 

Alex Baldock, Wedding Videographer

Alex Baldock

Second Shooter 


Tabitha Mann

Second Shooter 

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